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About Us

Fusion Music Event was formed in December 2009 in Johor Bahru by Begin Poh and he is a talented keyboardist, pianist and emcee. Fusion Music Event core business focuses on the wedding event, corporate function, annual dinner, birthday parties, festivals event and many more successful events are accomplished by us.
A total of more than 1000 wedding event and corporate function experience. We were engaged to hold the event for Chinese New Year Eve, Christmas Eve, New Year Eve, each type of Festival event and also been invited to Singapore for holding corporate function and wedding event.
Our team of managers consists of musicians, emcees, coordinators & organizers took part in a diverse category of performance including Instrumental Performance, Fusion Band Performance, Live Band Performance, Unplugged Band Performance, String Quartet, Chinese Orchestra and Event Planning. Fusion Music Event has only one mission and vision which is to leave you with a harmonious and memorable experience.
If you are interested to experience our music performance and services, please do not hesitate to contact us at +6012 711 7577 and we will respond to you immediately. Our team will give you our utmost assurance that you will be truly satisfied and enjoy our quality performance.

Begin Poh's 

Education Background/Qualifications/Professional Experience


  • Learned piano since the age of 12 and guitar since the age of 17.  

  • More than15 years of performance experience.

  • 1999 as a Guitarist at 银座. 马摇交流站.  

  • 2000 as a Musician at JB's famous café eg.Sagittarius café, Orange café and etc.

  • 2000 as a member of Southern Colleague Music Bugs (音乐虫子).

  • 2002 Won Champion in Southern College Singing Competition.

  • 2007 Started to perform in Wedding Event/ Corporate Company Event.

  • 2008 as a Musician cum vocalist at JB's famous café eg. V&O café, Station One café and etc.

  • 2008 as 1st Runner Up in Battle of the Dynamic Duo Competition (双星竞艺显才华) by Singapore F.M. 1003.

  • 2008 Performed with Malaysia artist 伍家辉 in Battle of the Dynamic Duo Competition (双星竞艺显才华) by Singapore F.M. 1003.

  • 2009 Founder of Fusion Music Event.

  • 2009 Selected as a Corporate Event Company for Sutera Pekin, Molek Pekin, Daimai Pekin, Dafeng Peking Restaurant.

  • 2009 Contracted Unplugged Band Performance at Sutera Pekin Hall 5.

  • 2011 as a professional Emcee to hold wedding events and corporate events.

  • 2012 Selected as Corporate Event Company for Restaurant Loon Seng and Various Hotel in Johor Bahru.

  • 2012 obtained ABRSM Grade 8 classical practical Piano Certificate holder.

  • 2012 Contracted Unplugged Band Performance at D Prime House and Sutera Lava Bistro.

  • 2012 Founder of JB famous Band called “Live Band” and contract with Live Pub Sutera and perform with Singapore Media crop artist “张耀栋, 陈宏宇, 郭淑闲”

  • 2013 obtained ABRSM Grade 6 Musical Theory Certificate.

  • 2014 Performance with Singapore artists “陈建斌”

  • 2015 obtained ABRSM Grade 7 Musical Theory Certificate.

  • 2015 String Quartet performance with TV3 artist “Daphne_Iking” for UEM Group Berhad

  • 2015 Live Band Performance for Asia “Windmill Festival” at Eco World Group.

  • 2015 庄文杰 Darren 新婚喜宴指定乐团。

  • 2016 Emcee holds Unconventional MALAYSIA” Fantasy Makeup Competition玩美.马来西亚魔幻彩妆赛 2016.

  • 2016 Emcee holds第二届国际魔幻慈善盛宴.

  • 2016 Contracted Unplugged Band Performance at tipsy monkey bistro.

  • Thousand and above experience in Wedding Event/Unplugged and Corporate Event.

  • From 2011 to 2020 holding Chinese New Year Eve Event “农历新年前夕新春晚宴” for Sutera Pekin Restaurant, Molek Pekin Restaurant, Restaurant Loon Seng and Pulai Spring Resort.

  • 2018森林城市儿童嘉年华.

  • 2019庄文杰 Darren 大舅子新婚喜宴指定乐团。

  • 2020 Achieve 1000 weddings event target.

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